We'll put a smile on your face.

Local, sustainable agriculture. Smiling Hill Farm has been producing the high quality dairy products since 1720.

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The freshest milk!

All natural, NO pesticides, NO growth hormones. Made from clear water, fresh air and green grass.

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The creamiest ice cream!

Batch churned at the farm from our own fresh milk and cream.

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Artisanal Cheese!

Meticulously crafted at Silvery Moon Creamery.

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Welcome to Smiling Hill Farm. Thank you for visiting our website and supporting local agriculture. We desire your comments and feedback, so please click "CONTACT" above if you would like to make a suggestion, report a problem, or just say "Hi".

We strive to produce the best value dairy products available for you and your family. Please contact us if you have any comments or questions about our products and services..

- The Knight Family


March 25th & 26th and April 1st & 2nd


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