SATURDAY March 16th & SUNDAY March 17th

SATURDAY March 23rd & SUNDAY March 24th 


The Ice Cream Barn & Dairy Store are closed for Easter, Sunday March 31st. The BARNYARD animal exhibits & petting farm reopens for the season on April 13th.

Our child had a GREAT time. Plenty of eggs available and it was nice that she didn't have to compete with older children and could take her time. We'll be back next year!

- Mom C., 2016 Participant


Tickets are non-refundable.

Children MUST be accompanied by an adult. Each child will receive an egg carton to collect their 12 eggs. (Children who choose to use their own egg basket/container will also be limited to 12 eggs, and may be asked to confirm this upon exiting.)

Ages: Children 10 and under Age groups: 3 and under & 4-10 Eggs will be uniquely filled with age appropriate candy/prizes for each age group. Your child(ren) are expected to search only in their designated area according to their age, as we will hide sufficient eggs in each area, based on this information.

It is the adult's responsibility to supervise children while searching for eggs. Any child who abuses our event by breaking the eggs, or removing contents and leaving eggs behind may be asked to leave the event. If you wish to recycle the plastic eggs, there will be a recycling station available as you exit the hunt.