Our Herd

Our herd consists of 50 Holsteins. The Holstein breed is the ever popular black and white cow featured in pictures and postcards, and the breed is known for its high production of milk.

Seven months of the year our cows can be found out on the hills on the very same pastures our ancestors used. We rotationally graze on pastures composed primarily of orchard grass, timothy and clover.

In this era of agribusiness the dairy industry has placed greater and greater emphasis on high production. Stress has increased on the animals and the average lifespan of a dairy cow has been reduced (some dairies take pride that with their increased cull rate a cow only spends three lactations in their herd). We take a different approach. We treat our cows like individuals and pride ourselves on the fact that due to the high quality care they receive at Smiling Hill Farm they live significantly longer than dairy cows nationally. This long lifespan is due to the combination of the low stress environment we provide as well as the quality of individual care they receive at Smiling Hill Farm.


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